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Here's everything we can remember… well, almost.

liam and grant

We are the directing duo Liam Kan and Grant Hodgson - that also go by the name 'Who?'

Hopefully you'll agree that we have compiled an interesting, if somewhat eclectic, reel which incorporates storytelling, seamless effects, great performances and light humour... but of course, we'll let you be the judge of that.

We're both ex-editors, which has stood us in good stead for storytelling. We've been lucky enough to produce some fairly iconic commercials, for some great brands - like Virgin Trains ‘The Return of the Train’, the very popular Tomcat series for Bacardi Breezer, Audi ‘Duel', Volvic ‘Cave Man’ & Peugeot with the ever enigmatic David Blaine.

Other credits include spots for Honda with speedster Valentino Rossi, Citroen, Rover, VW, Opel, Schweppes, Homebase, Kellogg’s, Camel, Nissan, Windex, Walkers, Staropramen and many many others.

Whilst attempting to be both stylish and cinematic, we feel our work belies a sensitive and thoughtful direction towards casting and working with actors, enhancing our propensity (had to look that one up) for strong narrative content.

With our SFX work we've always tried to incorporate the effects into the storyline... something to help the narrative and not stand out as an 'effect' per se.

Over the turn of the millennium we shot our documentary, THE STEVE PLAN, about Dr Steven Lesser, the head of an ER unit and a leading paediatrician, specialising in gunshot wounds. Based in New Orleans’ Charity Hospital, we observed Dr Lesser's ongoing struggle to realise his dreams as a full time artist, while still heading the ER unit.

Our short film 'Josh' is based on a true story that could only happen in New York City.  Despite some 8 million residents, the Big Apple can still be a very lonely place. Inspired by the surprising response Josh received, we wanted to celebrate human resilience and the surprising comfort of strangers. We hope it is uplifting and a tribute to lonely souls everywhere.

Thanks for checking us out and we hope you enjoy our work as much as we've enjoyed making it.