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Physician and artist, Dr Steve Lesser… a remarkable man.

'The Steve Plan' takes a look at this unique individual’s life: his calling to care, his passion for art and his continuing struggle to decide which to choose.

The film charts one week in Dr Lesser’s life, contrasting the high-octane live-or-die dramas of the trauma unit, with Steve's quiet, solitary life as an artist. Explores his calling to care, his desirer to become a full-time artist, and the role guns have played.

Statistics tell us that a child dies every one-and-a-half hours in America of a gunshot wound. Every two days thirty children, the equivalent of a school classroom, loose their lives to guns.

These gunshot victims are cared for in emergency departments and trauma units across the country. In some urban areas the increase in firearm violence is overwhelming these units.

The Steve Plan presents a unique insight into this intriguing individual's life and and shines a light on the gun issue, which until recently has been seen a solely American problem, but now seems to be spilling ever more into society everywhere…